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During recent times science and technology in the Republic of India has also focused on automobile engineering, information technology, communications as well as research into space and polar technology.

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(Return to top of Page) A Mountain Cur is a separate breed of cur.

As a general comparison with the BMC; normally smaller boned, very agile, not as aggressive, have a wider range of acceptable colors, will usually bark more and some have longer hair than a BMC which always has the short coat.

They bite very keenly; and as they always make their attack at the heels, the cattle have no defense against them: In this way they are more than a match for a Bull, which they quickly compel to run. They know their master's fields, and are singularly attentive to the cattle that are in them: A good Dog watches, goes his rounds; and, if any strange cattle should happen to appear amongst the herd, although unbidden, he quickly flies at them, and with keen bites obliges them to depart." According to Mr L. Ladner whose family has owned these dogs for several generations, the Black Mouth Cur was called a black mouth due to the black lips around the mouth.

The lips are black because they have no fur to hide the intense pigmentation of the skin.

In research settings, chronic urinary retention (CUR) typically describes a persistent inability to completely empty the bladder despite maintaining an ability to urinate, which results in elevated postvoid residual (PVR) urine volumes.

Some Black Mouth Cur can be born with heavier coats while others within the same litter can be born with lighter coats. The Black Mouth Cur is a great hunting dog whose quarry includes boar, bear, deer, squirrel and coon.

Research studies often use PVR volume greater than 300 ml to diagnose CUR; others have used 100 ml, 400 ml, and 500 ml. Studies of populations of individuals with conditions commonly associated with CUR provide little information regarding the overall burden of CUR.

However, it is well understood that this condition affects elderly men more than any other population.

They are chiefly employed in driving cattle; in which way they are extremely useful.

They are larger, stronger, and fiercer than the Shepherd's Dog; and their hair is smoother and shorter. Their ears are half-pricked; and many of them are whelped with short tails, which seem as if they had been cut: These are called Self-tailed Dogs.