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The fascination with vintage and retro clothing has grown so much over the past few years that an entire community of bloggers, vloggers and collectors have sprung up to discuss the trend and sell clothing and home wares that range from the 20's all the way to the 80's.In this burgeoning subculture of people in love with bygone eras, second hand shops are becoming a fashionable hangout.However, to run a vintage clothing shop, I had to learn a thing or two about vintage clothes.Usually, vintage refers to any clothing that is twenty years or older.The first thing you should know is that in all these years of buying and collecting vintage lingerie (and other fashions), I’ve rarely used labels to estimate the age of lingerie. Plus, the real value is in the beauty, the design details, the construction, the feel of it…Age isn’t more important than any of that; though age is usually an indicator of those great things!This is especially important when dating vintage suits, because often vintage suits would have the alteration alteration date marked on a separate tag within the suit.

Dizzy Dreamer started out with my exploding closet of vintage threads.

The dress you absolutely know was made in the seventies might actually be from Urban Outfitters.

Knowing what to look for is the best solution to obtain your perfect vintage closet.

) The feel of it tells me all about the lingerie’s sensual nature.

However, if I question something, if there are confusing or conflicting issues, I will then check construction and, especially if this is for someone else, then I will look at the tags and labels for clues to confirm or deny suspicions. Then as now, tags and labels are often cut out of clothing — especially lingerie, where they look less than desirable beneath sheer fabrics. Since I cannot heft or feel Lea’s vintage Warner’s nightgown or peignoir, here’s how I use the label information to confirm what my eyes see in the photos.