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So if you are a victim of a pirated copy of Windows XP having been installed on your system, follow the directions described in this KB article after you have purchased a legal product key.MSN default homepage & Bing default search engine Microsoft wants to make your web and search experience better.

It has also locked down computers across many other organisations, including Telefonica and Fed Ex, taking advantages of vulnerabilities in Windows XP - an operating system Microsoft launched in 2001 and withdrew full support for in 2015.I have since purchased a licensed copy of Xp and want to install it – for many reasons, but mostly to be legal and able to take advantage of the support available to an owner of authentic licensed software. I am not too technically savvy, but have some knowledge, so please reply in kind.I also have many problems with my PC and I am almost certain they are directly related to the pirated software. (: I’m really just trying to determine if an uninstall of pirated software and an install of the licensed version is the best route for me, but really have no idea what will happen if I do this. Fortunately someone responded to this request and provided this person with a link to Microsoft’s site, which fully explains the process on how to update the licensing information without a complete reinstall.In the past, any time a change has been made to Windows activations, even legitimate copies of Windows suddenly stop working, or start displaying warnings.Be sure to post a comment below if you see the new update or experience a problem because of it. It may be true that many PCs that have been activated using a crack or hack are infected or at risk of infection.