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Computer doesn't see it, won't get to master reset screen and basically it is just a GARMIN 5" billboard. Thanks I have a 1450 that worked fine until an update.

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She couldn't help it, she loved to tease her twin, he was so tense all the time, she'd told him repeatedly to relax.

Today was the day they were off to camp, 5 days of fun at Crystal Lake.

Midcentury exotica didn’t just cater to suburban fantasies of work-free islands and guilt-free sex. When I previously used that to introduce the Sidewinder’s Fang, Tiki Month participant DJ Hawaiianshirt replied in the comments, “I didn’t know the tiki/exotica fantasy involved guilt-free sex; that’s news to me.” That gives me a perfect opportunity to do this post, which I will tuck beneath the fold on the main page, because, well…. Every Tiki Palace had lavish matchbooks, of course. And the European versions (yes, they were into the Tiki, too) were even more blunt. There are a host of other euro Tiki/Exotica albums on a thread at Tiki Central, including a bizarre Polish one, and one that cuts off the head of Elvis for some reason, but makes sure all the women are uncropped. And, of course, the Polynesian vibe was well-represented in the pin-up world as well. Of course, amidst this Rule 5 extravaganza, I always remember Rule 5 is for the ladies, too.

There was also the call of adventure, epitomized by these classic “dangerous” drinks: if the sharks didn’t eat you, the cannibals would. And it seems as if every one also had at least one version with topless Wahines on the back: Those are from the Pago Pago Dining Room in Tuscon, AR. And from the music of Exotica to the more direct mediums of erotica, you find Tikis whipped out all over the place in the pulpy fiction and art of the era, for no damn reason at all other than that those little Pagan statues meant “sex” in everybody’s minds. And the Tiki world sure knew that, if a bit less blatantly.