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I, too, felt that women should “have it all” (whatever unrealistic ideal I took that to be) and that anyone who suggested otherwise was out of touch, offensive or just plain off her rocker. According to an April story in People, Peterson is still being flooded with letters from female admirers almost five years later, many of the mash notes containing checks to pay for his commissary charges.

That’s par for the course on death row, where the rule is: The more notorious the killer, the more fan mail and marriage proposals.

In recent years, research on lithic assemblages of the Aquitaine basin prior to MIS 5 has broadened considerably in part because of a new manner to look at the anciently excavated series (Mourre and Colonge 2007), but also thanks to recent discoveries mostly due to archaeological rescue works (Bourguignon . The diversity at a regional scale of the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic industries has long been emphasized (Bordes 1971; Villa 1981; Jaubert and Servelle 1996; Colonge and Mourre 2009).

In this context the techno-cultural originality of the Acheulean of the Pyrenees-Garonne region, characterised by chaînes opératoires of large blank production (over 15 cm) and by the presence of cleavers ).

The limitations of the method as well as the advantages are discussed.

The pedostratigraphic context of the two sites has provided a rare opportunity to propose a reliable chronostratigraphic framework in this area.

Premiers éléments de datation des industries du Pléistocène moyen (Acheuléen - Paléolithique moyen ancien) de la région pyrénéo-garonnaise : une approche géochronologique pluri-méthodes (TL, OSL et TT-OSL) des sites de Duclos et Romentères The recent development work of the A65 highway has given the opportunity to broaden the corpus of Lower and Middle Palaeolithic open-air sites known in the southern Aquitaine basin.

The sites of Duclos (Auriac, Pyrénées-Orientales) and Romentères (Le Vignau, Landes), discovered in this context, have yielded an abundant lithic record which has been attributed to the Acheulean of Iberian type for the earlier and, essentially, to the Early Middle Palaeolithic for the latter.

Lori Gottlieb: A couple of years ago, I wrote an essay for the Atlantic titled “Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr.

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