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Updating a ceiling fan

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Since busting out the paint cans and rollers in our living room a few weeks ago, I set out on a massive ceiling fan hunt. (Pay no mind to the wild cord situation on the mantel and the dirty brick.Like no-turning-back-til-the-perfect-one-smacks-me-in-the-face kind of hunt. I know ceiling fans get a bad rap for being all “womp-womp”, but the one we finally chose has turned out to be the cherry on top of our living room. We’re working on that.) Once this fan was installed, it was like a brand new room in here. I know the paint and furniture helps a lot but that little piece of ceiling candy is somethin’ else. All of the other rooms in the house are absolute chaos with stacked boxes and scattered tools and Rubbermaid bins exploding all over the place, but I’m so relieved to have a space where we can escape at the end of the day.) I can tell I have a little burst of energy and am starting to enter my nesting period because I have a list of 100 things I want completed before the new baby comes home towards the end of the summer.GE lighting challenged me to repurpose or reuse something when it came to lighting and of course I was up for the challenge!I do not want to replace these, since as a few of you told me, they just don’t make the fans like they use to and that I should keep the good ones. We have changed the rotation of all the fans from clockwise to counter-clockwise. In the summer, they should spin counter-clockwise to provide a wind-chill effect.

Well, mostly just the doors in the house, but the baseboards are whispering my name. I’m trying hard to rework and salvage as many things in this house as we can now that most of the demo is done. All-white at least sort of disappears into the ceilings. And I could not get this Caneel Bay fan by Casablanca out of my head, so I didn’t really put up a fight. But with using only half of our budget we alotted for living room furniture by finding an amazing set at IKEA, reusing a rug we already owned from our old master bedroom, massively transforming the entire room with just a couple of coats of paint, and using really inexpensive Craigslist finds for the rest of the space, Robert convinced me to choose what I really wanted.We have been in the remodeling mode in our home for the entire time we have owned it, almost eight years!It is amazing to think about how fast the time has flown but the remodeling process, well that is another (series) of blog posts!Updating a ceiling fan is often part of a room makeover or remodel. You can simply refurbish it with a coat of paint to match your room’s new look.