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North Catasauqua is a borough in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, United States.
Dënver, el dúo pop que vino desde Chile a presentar "Sangre Cita", su último disco, extenderá su gira con este show sorpresa que dará junto a los coterráneos Papa Topo en Asociación Freedonia.

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Llangollen is a delightful mix of a traditional Welsh town and as such it hosts the annual Llangollen International Eisteddfod and a somehow bohemian spot, with the quirky lives of the Ladies of Llangollen in the 18th century and its Fringe Festival epitomising that side of things. Show More Its beautiful too, with the remains of the Valle Crucis Abbey, the magnificent 14th century stone bridge, and the ample canalside as well as the Dee enhancing the place.

And around it too there is lovely countryside, valleys cutting scenically through the Denbighshire hills.

Many young trainees were put on solitary armed guard duty, sometimes as punishment, but the Army had not considered the risk of “self harm” this posed.

Guard duty had a “highly significant” effect on morale.

Hiya I'm Katie I'm 18 years old and live in Wrexham but originally from London.

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The inquest heard that while relationships between instructors and trainees were prohibited, the rules had not been clearly written down.We should have been made aware of the situation so that we had some warning of Yale's state of mind on that day - at the very least we would have been able to check up on him.'Katie Carroll, an expert lawyer at Irwin Mitchell representing the family said: 'The family are grateful to the coroner for examining the evidence and we are investigating the events further to help determine if more could have been done to prevent this tragedy.Deepcut barracks had a “sexualised atmosphere” at the time Pte Cheryl James was found shot dead and recruits had complained of unwanted sexual propositions from some non-commissioned officers an inquest heard.Character, scenery and culture not a bad recipe for a wedding venue. During the interview Yale, who was regarded as an intelligent, gifted and polite pupil, said that he and the girl had drunk alcohol at a party and that some sexual foreplay had occurred with the girl’s consent, but they had not had sex.Brig John Donnelly, director of personal services for the Army, agreed with Bridget Dolan, counsel for inquest, that there were complaints of “unwanted sexual propositioning by NCOs of recruits” at the base.