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Founded in Detroit in 1989, Insane Clown Posse performs a style of hardcore hip hop known as horrorcore and is known for its elaborate live performances.

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Russell Edward Brand had to deal with difficulties during his younger years, ranging from his parents' separation, his mother's battle with cancer, sexual abuse, to drugs use.In between the ups and downs of life, he managed to make his theatrical debut in a school production of "Bugsy Malone" before then began working as a film extra.Now Mick Jagger may be relieved to hear that Pete Townshend has added quite a different description of the Rolling Stone's manhood in new memoir Who I Am.According to The Times, Townshend describes Jagger as 'very well-endowed' after clocking him in loose pyjama-style trousers without any underwear in 1969.This was despite me making mention within the article of my reasons for their inclusion.However, the old saying that a picture paints a thousand words is very true.

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My wife and I both made a list of five people we could sleep with.This in turn lead to even more publicity for my website which was added to when David Icke sounded me out for a mention on his website.As a result of all this publicity, along with the Savile scandal beginning to point towards Parliament, I shelved this article and concentrated on the follow up which I released as ‘Parliamentary Paedophiles: A (fairly) comprehensive guide to political nonces’.I know it didn’t happen, but when you’re a pop star people say all kinds of things.Keith Richards famously claimed it was 'tiny' in his memoir Life.This was simultaneously followed by parts in movies, like "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", "Bedtime Stories", "Get Him to the Greek", and "Rock of Ages".