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Veronica belmont dating ryan block

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Belmont went to school at Conard High School in West Hartford, CT before attending Emerson College, in Boston, Massachusetts, to study audio production and new media studies.After graduation in 2004, she worked briefly in Boston and eventually secured an internship at CNET.Well that's it folks -- no Steve, no i Phone nano, no new Mini, no new i Mac, no shockers, no surprises. we've created custom shapes for our cells." "To make our batteries thin we use lithium polymer tech... We love great music, that's the heart of it, so I think it's fitting that we end our last Macworld keynote with an amazing artist and legend..." "We created a 40 percent larger battery, with the same weight..." "We can build custom batteries." "Our competition uses cylindrical cells...Belmont resides in San Francisco, California with her husband, former Engadget editor Ryan Block.

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it expends the life to 3x the industry standard." "We've designed a battery that will last 8 hours on a charge, and can be charged 1000 times..." "The key to building a longer battery is making it bigger...

Wait, there's another gadget connection - Veronica is the girlfriend of Engadget's Ryan Block and as Scoble points, Gadget love runs deep in that house.

Lindsay Campbell, the host of Wallstrip - Her daily shows on Wallstrip created by Howard Lindzon are short, entertaining and full of substance.

There couldn't be a more perfect pairing for our geeky Valentine's Day series! Do you think that tech brings you closer together as a couple, or creates more of a distraction? There aren't many people in the world that I feel I could relate to as well as I do with Ryan.

Thankfully, Veronica and Ryan took a few moments out of their busy schedules to chat about love, gadgets, and how to keep it all connected despite their world travels during this installment of Geeks We Love. When you're this involved with technology all the time, it's almost a lifestyle choice. We complement one another — we are constantly sharing all kinds of stuff about tech, gaming, and Internet culture with one another.