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It doesn't help that when MGMT open their mouths, they have a habit of taking aim at their foot."We've always taken this approach to doing interviews that's super-casual and sarcastic and kind of self-deprecating," admits Van Wyngarden, the more reserved and introspective of the pair, as he and Goldwasser eat lunch at a west London café.That same year, he won a contest at Lausanne, playing "Under the Bridge" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.He was influenced by the music he listened to with his sisters, Nirvana and Phish in particular, and often went through his parents' record collection in the attic where he found Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, etc.Few of the bands playing Glastonbury's 40th anniversary this weekend fit the consciousness-expanding ethic of the festival at its best as well as MGMT.They remain best known for the joyous electro-psychedelic single "Kids", which has soundtracked everything from TV ads to President Sarkozy's election rallies (the band successfully sued).The album on which you can find it, Oracular Spectacular (2007), was named NME's album of the year and one of Rolling Stone's albums of the decade, on the way to selling more than 1.5 million.

"Time to Pretend" led MGMT's 2007 debut Oracular Spectacular, but it didn't reflect the sound of the whole.

Consider the gumption, after all, of a plinky underdog act dreaming of glamorous rock-star make-believe.

Then "Time to Pretend" turned retroactively prescient, as the band's cofounders, Andrew Van Wyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, morphed into booze-laden, actress-dating, self-fulfilled prophecies. But now, after that single and two decidedly more abstruse albums, MGMT has slid far from the peak of the electro-candy mountain it helped create.

His girlfriend was in the 8mm Bar, which we happened to pass by, and she came over and was like, “You want to come upstairs to meet Anton? His apartment is pretty crazy—I guess you can see it in the video.

A lot of cigarette butts everywhere, and guitars too.