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answers, because they are not based on deep knowledge of the linux internals. So far I needed, tested and put into operation: My updated version of wmpower shows correctly the ACPI time remaining to full charge when charging, it doesn't blink the battery icon when charging and most notably, it can automatically launch a command when the remaining battery time sinks to a specified level.

The descriptions here are quite brief, for more information just search the Google for the names or conceptions mentioned. Download wmpower-0.3.1In Windows, I found a preinstalled system tool, something like Disk Defragmantation.

falko provides instructions for The Perfect Setup—Fedora Core 3 at

The ISO images for the installation CDs for Fedora Core 3 can be downloaded from the Fedora Core Download Server.

These instructions assume you are installing Fedora Core 3 onto a PC with a 32-bit Intel or AMD processor.

I have created these instructions by installing Fedora Core 3 on a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop.

It shouldn't take you more than an hour or so to make the initial RPM for each one, but you should allow 3 hours or so to get it accepted, spread over the next few months (generally between 3 and 15 months from the initial submission, depending on how persistent you are on IRC, Fedora mailing lists, etc).

You should allow about an hour for each update of each program, which you'll need to create whenever one of the programs is updated.

To fix this fault, I had to because the Fedora installer refused to alter anything in the setup of the boot loader if it didn't update any kernel packages.

To install the latest testing version, use test.instead.

In each of the commands below, replace each occurrence of command.

Note: For FC5 and newer, see The Fedora 5 page GStreamer is distributed with Fedora Core.

Fedora Core 2, 3, and 4 have shipped with GStreamer 0.8 GStreamer 0.10 is new and not included in Fedora yet.